5 Free eBook Readers for Mac in 2016

Reading books is a hobby for some people, while for others it’s a kind of passion. Whatsoever the reason be, nothing can beat that feeling of holding a book in your hand and reading it the way you want. However ebooks have slowly changed this trend and people prefer buying kindles and ebook readers if they are avid readers.

This article will help you explore various options or free applications for reading books on your Mac. Let’s see what we got!

  • iBook

iBook is an in built application for Mac users. iBook allows you to read unlimited movies for free on your Mac. It has a very clean user interface with exceptional features. While reading books on iBook you can change the screen to full screen by pressing “Command > Options > F”. The app only shows you the pages on the entire screen, even the toolbar disappears while your are on full screen.

Users can choose different themes for their reading time! iBook has in built four basic themes that can be changed according to your mood. It also allows you to highlight, adding text or notes, underlining favorite or important lines as well as sharing essential paragraphs with friends. It’s exactly how an eBook on Mac should look like. iBook comes complimentary to your Macbook. Therefore, you can find it already installed in your laptop.

  1. Kitabu

Kitabu is second on my list due to various reasons. But one of the most essential one is that it is 90% closer to what iBook present you on Mac. Kitabu works very well for people who love reading on their gadgets. Two differences that can be noticed while you are on the application are – It has a cleaner User Interface that iBook as well as it has few more options to choose.

Kitabu does not support Global KeyBoard shortcut on their app which is quite a disaster. They should definitely work on that!

While you are on full screen,  you can notice a toolbar on top of the screen. It should be managed by the team just like what iBook does for you. Otherwise, the application is brilliant to work with. You can enjoy unlimited reading fun on your big screen without any interruptions or patches.

  1. Calibre

Calibre is yet another free eBook for Mac. It allows you to read books of different themes and genres. There is a good collection of books that can surely be noticed as and when you open the application. The User Interface apparently does not seem to impress the users. As compared to iBook the user interface of Calibre is old school to which of course we don’t want to go back to.

While you put your screen on full screen, there are tools and options on the left side of the screen which are very annoying. It gives you an option to edit the Metadata for the eBook , that is quite an option but no use to me. One good feature that can be noticed is mark reference paragraphs which indeed will be useful at the time of making citations.

Normally an eBook is expected to allow you to read novels and books without any interruptions and Calibre is quite successful with that.

  1. Kindle

If you compare Kindle on Android smartphones and Mac, then I would prefer Mac is a better option. Kindle has aa acceptable library to explore with nice user interface. It has some bugs that cannot be ignored for now. Firstly, opening an eBook that is not purchased through amazon is quite difficult. Plus to open an eBook you need to convert the file to a “Kindle supported format”. The scrolling down option is also very laggy. There are no extra options to play with it is just a simple app for the love of reading.

  1. Readium Chrome App

Readium is an amazing application, you can expect a onderful user interface as soon as you open it on Mac. The UI is cleaner than Kitabu and iBook. You can save different books in your library and read them one by one. The only problem with the library is, if you add a book by mistake in the library, it cannot be removed. Therefore, you are stuck with the book for few days now.

It also creates the same issue with the full screen as Kitabu, there is a tool bar on top of the screen and no Global KeyBoard shortcut option. They have to work on their key features for now.

Final Words

All the applications listed above certainly provide you a lot of features You can highlight, underline and share text with friends. Let us know your favorite ebook reader’s choice.

Author Bio:

Swati Sharma is a tech-enthusiast and keeps herself updated with latest tech trends. She blogs at bloomtimes.com and her spare time, she loves to play golf and cook.