Electric skateboard components and why they’re important

The number of Electric skateboard is on the rise and with that, the curiosity of trying it out is greater than normal. Before buying the electric skateboard that you like, you should ask yourself: Where do you want to use it? Is it just for fun or to be use as a tool to get you from location A to location B? What are the minimum power requirements based on your location? Is the road flat or steep? If you have answered these questions and determined on buying one, we’ll move on to the next part; components.

It is imperative for a buyer to learn what are the things that made it up and how will it affect him. Here are the key components of an electric skateboard and why are they important:


Improvement in batteries is one of the reason why the use of Electric skateboard is on the rise. Before, these boards weighs around 40-60 lbs. But since the lithium batteries have evolved, the safety and the weight of these boards have been improved significantly not to mention its battery life. These improvements allows the user to carry and maneuver the board easily. Just keep in mind that, the battery is the heart of your board, you should take good care of it and follow the manufacturers guidelines properly.


Motors are as important as the batteries. Don’t expect to climb a steep terrain with just a 400 watt motor. That why previously we mentioned that you need to know the location which will you be using your board, this is to determine what motor your board needs to have. Currently the motors are ranging from 400-2000 watts. So if you are expecting a tough terrain, then you should choose a high powered board.


Majority of electric skateboards utilize a wireless controller that the user use while riding. These controllers have indicators (light) to let the user know what the things taking place on the board or if the board encounters some errors that needs to be taken care of. Just remember to charge it along with your board since there is no indication or ways to know if the controller is full charge or half empty.


All electric skateboards uses longboard wheels that will let the user go over cracks and rough roads, that is by skateboarding standard. But if you are using electric skateboard to commute, it is better to use a bike.



Each electric skateboard has its own unique charger and different charging time than others. There are chargers that takes 3-5 hours to fully charge and some takes only half an hour for it to be full.

After reading the article, by now you should have an idea on what electric skateboards are. And if you are planning to buy one, you should have a look at: http://www.elxskate.com