Junk’d – A Garage Sale App

Getting rid of your clutter and unwanted junk from around your home is probably one the must-do things of every homeowners, and what better way to do this is through garage sale. But having a garage sale is not an ordinary thing to do especially if you are not sure of what you are doing. Here are some tips to get you started:

Organized stuff. The first thing you need to do is organized the stuff that you’re going to sell. Group them in your yard or any large space in your house so you can clearly see all the things that you need to get rid of. Prepare some cash box, price stickers, tape, newspapers, bags and boxes.

Pricing. Remember the main goal of having a garage sale, price your items as low as possible. Keep in mind that the people who’ll come to your sale will expect such low prices, you can set the price for electronics and other white goods a bit higher as compared to other items that you are selling.

Advertise. What good is to have a garage sale but nobody knows about it? It is important that the people know about it ahead of time. You can do so by running an ad on a local newspaper, giving some flyers or advertising on the internet.

Junk’d. We all know that the use of mobile phone nowadays not only limits to calling and texting. You can watch your favorite tv shows, shop and find location. How can Junk’d help on your garage sale you ask?

junkd app

What Does it do?

The app’s main purpose is to find any garage sale that’s happening in your local area live! So if you are the one that’s conducting the garage sale, you can expect to reach a lot of potential customers by having your garage sale included in the app. The app is currently on Kickstarter, if you want to back the project you can do so by visiting their page here.