Top 5 video Editors for Android and Windows

Video editing was a job only reserved for those who had gained special expertise. It required some complicated configuration of the special devices. Later, it could be done using computers. However, it was still not exactly very easy. Professional grade video editing is still not the layperson’s thing. However, there are many video editing apps for Android and Windows that make casual video editing for personal use very easy. In fact, you could also make short movies using these apps and get them going viral. Here is a quick look at some of the best video editing applications of today.


While some apps are cross platform, others are available only on specific platforms. For instance, iMovie is one of the most coveted video editing apps. However, it is only available to the iOS and OSX users. For those who wish to do video editing on their Windows PC could go for the app called Lightworks. In fact, it is one of the finest alternatives to iMovie for the Windows OS users. Lightworks is not just for laymen; it is also used by many professionals.  But, it has a very user friendly interface and thus it is quite easy to use; at least the basic features are quite easy.

Voilabits Video Editor

Voilabits is one of the most used video editors these days. It is a cross-platform video editing app available to both Windows OS and Mac users. This is one of the reasons why it is so popular. There is no doubt that it is one awesome video editing application there is. You will get to see many advanced functionalities in this app that are missing in many others. In spite of being packed with advanced features, this app is still quite easy to use. With a little knowledge of video editing concepts, you can create some cool videos.

Windows Movie Maker

If you are looking for something for a video editing app that is totally cool and yet completely free, try your hands at Windows Movie Maker. This app is native to Windows OS and thus available only on the Windows platform. Windows Movie Maker that came bundled with Windows XP and earlier versions isn’t something you would call great. However, the one that is available to Windows 7 and later versions is really awesome. Depending upon your computer configuration, you may need a graphics card to use it.


Looking for something really cool for your Android smartphone? Well, you must definitely take a look at the PowerDirector video editing app. It is a very simple and yet powerful app. What’s really good about it is that you will feel familiarity with it. This means that it retains the most common visuals and on-screen features.


This is a great app for creating some cool and casual videos. Do not expect the advanced features with it. However, you are looking to enhance your video that you just shot while on the vacation or wish to clip out some part of the video, AndroVid would do it quite easily for you.


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