How to transfer large files between mobile and PC

Not a very long ago, when you had to transfer files between mobile phone and PC, you had to follow a long drawn process. You would first have to connect your phone to the computer using the USB cable and wait for it to get detected. Once the phone was connected, you had to locate it on your computer. Now, you could move the files back and forth between the two devices.

Not only was this process a little complicated, it does not always work very well all the time. A lot of times your computer would not detect the phone. At other times, a small rip in the wire would make sure that there is no connection. In some cases, you could not transfer the files between the mobile phone and computer unless there was a special software program or suite installed on the computer designed especially for that phone.

When the technology evolved a bit, the connectivity features enhanced. Even PC started featuring the Bluetooth technology. This enabled the wireless transfer of the files between mobile phone and computer. Yes! It did make things convenient; but, only to a limited extent. We are talking about transferring large files between the devices. We all know Bluetooth is nothing if not slow. Transferring a 4-5MB file could take a few minutes.  What if you had to transfer huge files; let’s say as big as 1GB or may be more? For instance, if you had a movie on your phone you wanted to watch on your PC, you couldn’t even fathom how much time it would have taken to transfer using Bluetooth. So, ultimately, you will have to circle back to the point of using USB cable.

But, the things have changed and certainly for some good. We now have some really top-grade file sharing apps in the market. These apps can transfer large files in a relatively lesser time as compared to Bluetooth. For instance, with the new apps, sharing a 1GB file from mobile to PC could take as little as 5-6 minutes. Isn’t that amazing? So, let’s talk about some of these apps.


SHAREit is the most popular file sharing app these days and can be easily installed on windows PC using Shareit Apk. It has been around for quite some time now and is already used by millions of people worldwide. The good thing is that a desktop version of this app is available too. This means that if you have this app installed on your phone as well as your PC, you can share the files between the two with incredible ease. All you will need to do is establish the connectivity through the app between the devices. SHAREit could be up to 30 times faster than Bluetooth.


Xender is another such app, quite widely used across the globe. Although Xender doesn’t have a desktop app, it has a web version, which can be accessed at So, even without installing the app on your PC, you can share the files between mobile and PC. Just make sure that you have the Xender app installed on your phone.