TV or a Projector, Which is better for Home Theater?

In terms of home theater setups, the choice is usually narrowed down to two options: A projector or a large TV. Both have their pros and cons and one has to weigh them carefully before making a purchasing decision.

This is a clash of the titans in the area of home entertainment. We will try to make a case for both contenders, although that is not to say that one of the options may not be considerably better in nearly all categories, and able to win by a landslide.

The big stage

So, let us take a look at one essential aspect of any viewing experience, the picture quality. Brightness is an issue with projectors because lighting can wash the picture out. The problem is that high brightness increases the cost of a product, and to make it even worse, the bulb dims over time.

A lower light output can be fine, though, provided that you can get the room dark enough. Still, if you want prime brightness and vibrant display, TV is the best shot you got: It can not only keep the ambient light distractions at bay, but also maintain heightened perceived contrast.

Furthermore, 4K Ultra HD resolution is an important selling point for modern TVs. It provides an immense color spectrum and high dynamic range (HDR).  Yes, there are 4K projectors, but their price tag is hefty. Most users would be better off with a 4K TV, and they can even add a sound system or an Ultra HD Blue-ray player.

And if you want to really future-proof your setup, you have to consider the rate at which the innovations are shifting the face of the TV industry. Namely, 8Khas been announced, and there are already models available that can upscale to this resolution.

And the winner is…

Another advantage is that TV speakers are usually of decent quality, unlike most projectors. Furthermore, TVs are easier to install and integrating them into a home theater setup is nice and easy. Even a wall-mounted solution should not give you a hard time.

Moreover, they are capable of acting as unifiers, hubs for various pieces of equipment because the plugging policy nowadays is “everything goes”. You can also manipulate the components via remote controller, and enjoy the seamless entertainment at its best.


As for projectors, they demand more planning and effort to install, and the screens need a whole lot of space. So, what do the projectors have going for them? Well, there is the size you know. You can purchase an 80-inch TV for less than $4,000, while a projector screen gives you a 120-inch experience with 1080p resolution.

Now, if the price is not the issue, you can invest a nice sum in assembling a light-controlled projector room. An ideal, costly projector setup can take on any modern TV-based home theater and challenge it in categories we have covered.

On top of the game

The two approaches differ in terms of picture quality, price, sound quality, installation requirements and overall convenience. TV is the winner in all areas aside from the size. So, if you have budgetary concerns, TV is almost a no brainer. When it comes to price-to-performance value, it always comes out on top.

It gives you a top-notch sound and display right out of the box, and allows you to dive into home theater adventure in an instant. In any event, find a solution which suits your home theater setup best, and spend many hours with your eyes glued to the picturesque spectacle before you.